New Year Resolutions For My Blog

New year's resolutions

If you’re anything like me, you’ll feel different about New year’s resolutions.

Everyone feels they should make changes, it’s just like pressing the reset button on your device. Probably that’s the reason a lot of people make New year’s resolutions, but do you know the funniest thing? … Only 10% of these people get to keep to these resolutions and achieve them.

The year has just begun and we happen to be in the 2nd week of the 1st month. I want to make resolutions for my blog with hope that I’ll be able to keep them at least till February lol… I have to do this so that I would not be left out of New year’s resolution makers lol…shea

First and foremost, I have to draw a schedule for my blog post. I thought about this last year but I couldn’t keep to it and still don’t know how to especially when am in school. At times I get too occupied with school work that I can’t post till late in the evening. But this year, I have to try as much as possible to follow up my schedule that’s why am listing it here.

I will visit more blogs and read more posts than I had done last year and also get to comment too on those blogs. For the comments; it’s something I’ve been doing but I want to improve on it.

I will try my best to create good contents for my blog posts but I wouldn’t say on daily basis but I’ll make sure I don’t abandon this blog for days the way I did last year.

I will work on my traffic and keep the good posts going.

I will reply all the comments I get here, sorry if I had made you feel like you were writing to yourself or you wasted your time by commenting, no you were not. Your comments are really important to me and I know you know that wink

I will stop hopping from one template to another. I was so fond of doing that in 2016 but will settle for a template this year.

Let me stop there already.

I know there are bloggers out there who have made resolutions for their blogs too, do well to drop them here or links to where I can read them. I will love to read yours too in the comment section