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20 Things You Didn’t Know About Me

Maryanne Theodore lifestyle blogger in Nigeria

Apart from knowing my nickname  knowing that I’m introverted, slim and beautiful (wink) I believe there are some other things you should know about me. No no no we should know about ourselves. So I will start with myself, here are they:

  1. I have a rare ability to stay in my room all day, you only have to leave with me a paper and pen or my phone plus my laptop.

  2. I tend to be quiet on an average day but when it’s a topic I love or I’m with close friends, I become extroverted.

  3. I am not a perfectionist, I’m far from being one.

  4. I have never dated before and my imaginary boyfriend can’t just stop being awesome (sounds unusual right?)

  5. I have started writing 2 different books over the last 5 years though they are still up for editing.

  6. I cried to our teacher to change me from Geography class to Literature… It wasn’t an easy thing oh

  7. I am not much of a traveller but I would have loved to go to a diamond castle, fly in a golden jet while viewing the mountains and the oceans.

  8. I am not a foodie like most of my friends think. I just eat for eating sake.

  9. My favourite colour is pink yes it’s girly, next to it was cyan but I’m beginning to change my preference to green

  10. I am a terrible horrible awful dancer even in my fantasy world. So bad!

  11. I don’t actually follow trend of fashion, well just say I don’t have a sense of it but my close friends says I’m getting better at it now.

  12. I was born in Akwa Ibom State and have lived here all my life. Seriously I need to get out of this place soon.

  13. One of my favourite cartoons is Home. I’m not too big to stop watching them right?

  14. I love dogs, especially those ones with hairy bodies and flappy ears.

  15. I started blogging July last year so I’ve been blogging for a year. See my first blog post here

  16. I can be overwhelmed by large crowds so don’t expect to see me at that much talked about event except it’s inevitable.

  17. I prefer to get to know fewer people on a deeper level.

  18. I would rather work behind the scene than be the center of attention.

  19. I have fear for large water bodies maybe that’s why I can’t swim and I hate snakes with everything in me.

  20. I will be hitting the big 20 tomorrow – October 30

Can you relate to any of the 20 things i just mentioned? Now is your turn, get into the comment box and tell us most things people don’t know about you.


(7) Comments

  1. No #3 though 😄
    *roll eyes up*

  2. techvillz says:

    First of all, happy birthday, welcome to 20 and i hope you had a great one.

    I am indeed fascinated with your penmanship and the passion you put into writing. At my 20 I couldn’t do what you just did so I admire your strength and honesty.

    Its OK to be introverted, most intelligent people I know are always introverts and becomes active when a topic that interests them are raised

    1. Thank you, it was a great day. There is an emotion that comes with writing and I can’t help being honest about it. Thanks for your comment, it is one of those things that keeps me on the lane

  3. 21 Loading…

    How has 20 been so far?

    1. It’s been filled with a lot of responsibilities and opportunities to explore life. It keeps reminding me that I’m halfway to 40

  4. Wow! You must have been 21 by now 🤣

    Really young and was expecting you will be in your early 30s , am i the only that noticed she sounds more mature than her age?😎

    Great Theodore, keep working hard miss introvert, nice blog too! as at 2018 am quite sure you will be an extrovert now

    1. 😂 😂 😂
      I will keep working hard

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