20 Cheap Date Ideas That Are Romantic

Is quality time important in a relationship? If you asked me that, I would say it is one of the keys to a happy, long-lasting relationship and this could be made possible by going on dates.

You might overlook the idea of spending time with your partner because you see it as a chance to spend a lot of money in just a day but you do not need to break the bank to have a fun time together.

In no particular order, here are 20 cheap date ideas that require little or no money at all to have a fun time with your partner.

1. Watch movies with a home-cooked meal or just junk food

Eating a good home cooked meal or just munching on junk food while watching a movie is one of the best cheap date ideas on how to bond with your partner.

Laughing and enjoying a good rom-com or feeling the thrill of a good horror or action movie, throwing popcorn at each other and eventually falling asleep before the movie ends. Just so romantic.

2. Go on a walk

Walk around your street with your partner, talking and laughing. Enjoying the company of your partner is paramount.

3. Babysit together

Taking care of a younger relative or a neighbor or friend’s child is a good way to enjoy the company of your partner.

4. Go to a museum and learn new things

The museum is filled with ancient artifacts with their own stories. Take your time out to visit a museum with your significant other and learn new things together. Or laugh at funny sculptures LOL

5. Play board or card games

You could invite friends or let it just be you two. Playing board or card games is a really fun activity that brings out the competitive side of you and your partner. To make it extra fun, lay a wager to it, make the loser buy lunch or dinner or worse, do something embarrassing.

6. Cook together and try out new recipes

Head into the kitchen, open all the cabinets and bring out whatever ingredient catches your eye. Make it a competition with a definite time frame. But please, try not to burn down the house.

7.  Show each other new music

A lot of people have different tastes in music. Make your partner a playlist with your new favorite music and let your partner do the same for you.

8. Go to a zoo

Go see some animals! Going to a zoo brings out a sense of adventure and there’s no better way to get a sense of adventure than with your partner.

 9. Go on a picnic

A picnic does not have to cost a lot of money. You could make homemade meals like sandwiches (or even Jollof Rice LOL), put them in a basket with fruits and juice and just go have a fun chilled day in the park

10. Make self-made quizzes and let your partner answer it

Put your partner to the test to see if they know a lot of things about you. It’s a good way to learn new things about each other and you don’t even need to leave the comfort of your home.

11. Check out tourist attractions in your city

I bet certain places in your city that have a rich history but you’ve probably never been there. Take a road trip with your partner and go check out these places.

12. Work out together

You know what they say, a couple that works out together, stays together. No, you do not need to sign up for a gym membership for this. You can work out with your partner by doing home exercises. This increases your bond and also improves your health. It’s a win-win situation.

13. Go through old pictures of each other

It’s throwback time! Laugh by sharing and going through old pictures of yourselves. From cute and adorable baby pictures to funny and meme-worthy baby pictures and let’s not forget the awkward pre-teen pictures LOL

14. Read a book together

You and your partner might not be fans of books but push yourself and bring up a book reading challenge. Read a book together and make your interpretations of the message of the story.

15. Bake cupcakes together

Baking can be quite messy but who is better to bake messy cakes with than with your partner? Go ahead and bake together and applaud each other for your success or laugh and joke about your failure. Either way, it’s fun!

16. Binge watch a TV show/ series

Watch the entire 8 seasons of Games of Thrones together in one seating. Or if you want to go bigger, find a tv show with 10 seasons or more.

17. Make a bucket list together

Sit down with your partner and make a list of activities you both want to do before you “kick the bucket”.  It could be an individual bucket list or it could be a couple’s bucket list.

18. Go window shopping

Dress up and head out to the mall. Go from store to store and check out the things they have. It’s an adventure in the mall!

19. Play dress up

Dress up as your favorite TV or cartoon characters and have fun imitating them and taking pictures.

20. Shoot a funny skit together

Bring out your inner comedian with your partner. Write a mini script, take turns directing, camera, light, and action!

Whether you’re in your teenage years, married with kids or even elderly, there are multiple ways for you to keep that spark in your relationship. Behind a blooming relationship, there should be a foundation of friendship.

Remember, you do not have to splurge to have a fun time with your significant other, so head out (or even remain indoors) and explore new ways to bond and have good, quality time with your partner with these cheap date ideas.