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12 Things I’m Thankful For In Life

Things I'm Thankful For In Life

Sometimes in our hustle for survival in life, we tend to ignore many things we should be thankful for. There are a lot of things we take for granted, maybe because we see them as the basic needs of life that we forget that there are many who long to have those things. Most times we focus solely on the things we don’t have and hustle to get them and forget about the ones we have.

I realized this today and I have decided to start this month by being thankful for the things I have and forget about the tough time I’m going through in life.



Here are the twelve things I’m thankful for in my life:




1. My family – I’m thankful for my parents that gave birth to me because, without them, there will be no me. And my sister who came to join me after so many years, now she is my closest kin in the world.

2. Opportunity to get an education – The opportunity to go to school most especially the higher institution is something many people don’t have, being educated is a not a right, but a gift. I’m grateful for being given that opportunity though most times I abuse that gift.

3. Freedom of Religion – I have a God who loves me and has given me life, and I’m free to worship Him, where I want and how I want to. This freedom is something most people don’t enjoy as they are forced or compelled to do otherwise. Some are even prosecuted when they attempt to but I’m not.

4. Learning from my mistakes – If I didn’t make mistakes in life, I’m not sure I would have learned much so it is one of the things I’m grateful for, they help me grow.

5. Having a home and a roof over my head – There is nothing that feels so great like having a warm home to return to and a roof over my head when it is cold or raining outside.

6. My mind – I have the ability to think, to store memories – good and bad, and provide solutions to my problems and to those around me. This makes life easier.

7. My electronic gadgets and internet – I have learned a lot online and added new skills. They have made creating my blog and writing this post easier. And they have also provided the opportunity to connect with and get to know people from all around the world.

8. Freedom of speech – I can never take the ability to express my thoughts and opinions freely for granted.

9. Beautiful eyesight – I’m able to see the colours and beauty of life, I’m thankful for that

10. My bed – You might not know the comfort you get from having your own bed where you sleep in every night you might take this for granted until you find yourself in a situation where you don’t have one.

11. My dreams – I’m thankful to have the opportunity to follow my dreams.

12. Being alive – Waking up every day means I have things to be thankful for and that I have the chance to experience all that I am experiencing, and will be experiencing in time to come.

See? I’m sure as you read this list, you’ve thought of many more things you should be grateful for. Don’t wait until Thanksgiving day, feel free to add them in the comment box below. I would love to read them.

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