10 Facts About Scorpios That Will Blow Your Mind

Facts about Scorpios

Before you start reading you’ve got to know that, I’m not writing this based on the fact that I am one, rather, on general facts about Scorpios that they can basically relate with.

Also know that a Scorpio may likely not have all the characteristics that will be listed here.

Scorpio happens to be the eighth astrological sign in the Zodiac. The sun transits this area from Oct 23 to Nov 21.

Anyone born under the influence of Scorpio is called same and is indicated by the symbol of a scorpion based on Scorpius, a giant scorpion sent by sent by Gaia to kill Orion.

Scorpio is a water sign and the only Zodiac sign which has two ruling planets. Source: Wikipedia

Scorpios are people you can’t really understand and since they’re somewhat mystical, it is quite easy to misunderstand them.

There are many facts about Scorpios you need to know about especially, if you have one as a friend.

So what are those facts about Scorpios you need to know about them? Find out from here.

1. Fiercely private and secretive

The Scorpio is very good at hiding their feelings. So if you’ve got that friend or a loved one who keeps a secret diary in one corner, he or she could be a Scorpio so do not pry, they hate it.

If you’ve got a secret that you must really let it out to someone, that Scorpio around you is the best to hear it cause they will not put your secret on the street for other people to know.

2. They are loyal

A Scorpio is always willing to support, work for, or be a friend to you even in difficult times. They can really be faithful.

But be careful when you regard a Scorpio as a friend, be sure that he/she also considers you as a true friend which it takes time before they do.

3. They are Passionate

A true Scorpio is passionate about everything they consider important to them and will do everything within their reach to succeed even when they lose or fail because they don’t think about the outcome of the actions they take, still…they push on to success.

4. Resourceful

They are good at finding effective ways to deal with problems. They are persistent and will always tackle any problem presented to them using any available resources and they never quit until they finally reach their goal. Also they have the habit of working out their problems on their own.

5. Funny and interesting to be with

They are very lively and enthusiastic. A Scorpio’s sense of humour that is hilarious to you might be offensive to the next person. They enjoy humour that is difficult to understand and dislike the childish types.

6. Observant

They are good at noticing everything that happens. It takes just a little time for them to understand you. Personally I’m so bad at this aspect. Scorpios with this characteristics make great Analysts, Medical doctors, Scientists. If they like you, they don’t need to think about it for a long time.

7. Obsessive

This is just like being addicted to something. If a Scorpio is obsessed or addicted to something, he or she will always be thinking about them, in a way that seems extreme or annoying to other people . They keep worrying about that thing all the time.

8. They hold grudges

If you get a Scorpio angry or do something that upsets them which definitely they don’t like, they tend to develop a grudge against you and wait for their own payback time and will do it to the extent which you had wronged them. Scorpios don’t easily forgive and when they do, they never forget it.

9. Unyielding

They are mostly unyielding. A true Scorpio doesn’t easily in give to other peoples opinions, most times it doesn’t even matter. You think they are arrogant right? Not at all.

An opinion which doesn’t rhyme with a Scorpio’s isn’t recognized, they prefer to make up their mind on it.

They can be stubborn and rebellious especially when told to do what they don’t really want to do.

10. Conservative

When it comes to business and money matters, they can easily gather wealth because they tend to make good business choices and are very conservative about spending money, they think and plan out before spending money. They are known for making money and keeping it away from others due to the fact that they don’t want others to take advantage of them because of the money.

10+1. Anger issues

The Scorpios are usually referred to as ‘hot tempered’ but they are that way only when they’ve been extremely provoked or when you’ve crossed the line they’ve drawn but are very cool people in their day-to-day lives. But don’t expect to step on their toes and think you will just go scot free.

Now you discovered all these facts about Scorpios, you should know how to get around a Scorpio cause just as lovely as they are, they could also sting if you push them too far hahaha don’t worry we do not hurt.

Are you a Scorpio or you happen to know one and you feel there are other facts about Scorpios we should also know about that ain’t listed here, rush down to the comment box and let us know about it.

Have a lovely day!