6 Benefits of Aloe Vera that You never knew about
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6 Benefits of Aloe Vera for Skin, Hair and Immune System

Aloe Vera is a common plant that can be found in almost every home these days. There are numerous benefits of aloe vera and most people who have this powerful plant know the true worth of this miracle herb. Aloe vera can be put to various uses and is very important herb that should be …

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Depression vs Sadness: What’s the Difference?

I’m glad you found this post and I hope this information on the difference between depression vs sadness is what you are looking for right now if you are going through those dark moments. Recently, the report on the number of people taking their lives has increased, it’s disheartening when you login on social media …

Longrich student package
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5 Longrich Products I Bought for Less Than 10,000

Buying Longrich products in Nigeria is quite an easy process, you just need to walk into a Longrich stockist center closest to you and pick up your products. And fortunately, I got mine delivered for free by an existing Longrich distributor. You can get yours from a distributor as well. What’s Longrich? Longrich which was established in …

How to make money from rechargeandgetpaid.com
Personal Finance

How to Make Money with Recharge and Get Paid Right now

I usually use mobile banking to recharge my phones and data subscription, and my dad usually subscribe our DSTV in town until I decided to become a VTU agent through Recharge and Get Paid. I joined Recharge and Get Paid last month and having tried the business for a month, I am convinced that it’s not scam, …

Favourite Christmas movies

My Favourite Christmas Movies You Should Watch Now

It’s my favourite season again – the Christmas season. Let’s talk about our favourite Christmas movies. I just love to see Christmas movies and having my baby sister watch the movies with me makes it even fun. Though she doesn’t understand what is going on and usually doesn’t stay long enough with me before she …

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