Why Not Create The Woman Yourself?

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I was surfing the net when I stumbled on this post by NaijaSingleGirl about this guy that want to marry this year and the specifications he is giving for his wife. I went through it and mtchew (sigh)…what’s my business.

Early this morning, when I logged into Instagram I discovered that the whole thing is trending, I decided to take time and read it but cannot stop myself from talking about it

I am getting married in 2017.
Now looking for a wife…
Applicants with the following qualifications should apply
1. Should have natural hair
2. Minimum of a University Degree preferably in thesciences. Masters degree is an added advantage.
3. Satisfactory income source backed by a bank statement
4. A tigress in bed, and a great cook
5. No tattoos or unusual body piercings
6. Should have an hour glass body
7. Able to sustain an intellectual conversation as well as an awesome sense of humour
8. Attach written recommendations from at least 2 former boyfriends
9. Knowledge of Public relations that is awesome
10. Fluent in at least 2 international languages
11. Well-trained in home management and hospitality
12. Must have a great character
13. No previous record of cheating
14. Demonstrated ability to make a man successful
All applicants are advised to send their applications by 4th of January 2017. Attach health and birth certificates. Only selected candidates will be contacted.

If you’ve read every requirement here, you’ll see the reason I said that the man should kukuma create the woman cause I don’t know where he will find anyone that will satisfy his requirements, or if you’re reading this and you know you are fit and capable, oya! Goodluck o

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