Who Else Had A Tiring Day? Seems Like I’m The Only One

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You don’t have to ask me how my day was cause I would say today was tiring and stressful like really really tiring. I woke up around some minutes past 5 in the morning, I think 5:15 am or so, then after saying my prayers I grabbed my phone and went online to check for any happening thing. When I couldn’t find something interesting, I closed the phone.

I got prepared for a class I had by 8:00 am. Luckily I was able to get breakfast early unlike some days when I have to eat by 1:00pm, immediately I rushed down to the lab where I had some practicals which I almost missed. God saved me

I did the practicals: staining microorganism, focusing on the slide with a microscope and reporting what I saw, what I was supposed to see and what I didn’t see. I pray my lecturer doesn’t get to see this. After everything that one came to a close.

Then l had to wait for another practical, the sun was ruthlessly harsh. It was actually a long wait, by 4pm the practical finally started hope you ain’t getting bored, after series of transferring milliliters of sample to test tube mixing with sterile water and transferring to another test tube phew! life of a microbiologist. The classes decided to end and let me go by 6:00pm. As I got back to my place of residence I agreed I needed to rest, am still resting now even as am writing this.

Once I publish this, I will be going on Facebook and Instagram to check what has been happening there. Speaking of Instagram, I recently got a page for my blog, you can do well to follow my blog there.

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Oh my! I have spent the whole time writing how my day was, by the way how was your day? You know I can’t forget to ask that. Hope you didn’t have a tiring and stressful day like mine. If it was, sorry dear, it is well even in the well. My classes start by 8:00am tomorrow and will end by 6:00pm as usual so I have to prepare for that.

And do not look at that picture, it shows how tired I was and for my hair, I needed to tie it so that microorganisms do not accompany me home lol
Good night


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