10 Ultimate Packing Tips Every Traveler Must Know

Packing tips for every traveler

Are you packing everything in that? Whether this is your first time travelling or you’re a seasoned traveller, you should learn how to pack properly, I know it could be hard but it’s totally worth it. If you are able to force yourself to pack lighter, your life becomes less stressful while travelling.

You should ensure to pack only the things that are necessary. Nothing spoils an ecstatic or joyful trip like the burden of carrying heavy bags. So I thought it best to revisit the most useful – packing rules. Here are 10 quick tips you should know before embarking on your next trip, bookmark this post because it will help you prepare beautifully for it.

Tip 1: You need a packing list

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Before you even pull out your packing bag, try to be as specific as possible, figure out all the clothes, pieces of jewellery and toiletries you’ll need. Start packing your things at least 3 days ahead of your departure date, let’s say you are a procrastinator like myself, you can start a week to the date, this will give you enough time to purchase and organise every necessary item you will need for your trip. Making a packing list is a safer way of ensuring that you never, ever forget to carry that important item.

Tip 2: Go for the right bag

Jansport backpack
Jansport backpack

Wait a minute.

You can’t pack your stuff properly if you don’t have the right bag. Do you know the best way to avoid overpacking? It’s to get a smaller bag. This will decrease the temptation of adding more things.

If you’re not sure what bag to get, I will recommend a carry-on bag or backpacks, I know you are thinking of where to get backpacks in Nigeria but you don’t have to worry about that, there is always Jansport bag for you and you will love it. Their backpacks have one large main compartment, padded back panel and front utility pocket with organizer. Above all, they are durable and you will feel comfortable carrying it around.

Tip 3: It’s all in the fold

Packing tips for every traveler
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Before now I used to fold my clothes while packing until I learned that rolling the clothes leaves more space in the bag, besides it makes clothing wrinkle-free than folding them, and it’s best to keep them that way in case there’s no place to iron the clothes again.

Tip 4: Focus on function over fashion

Except the course of embarking on your trip is about fashion, you should learn to pack only clothing that is functional and targeted at your reason for the trip.

Tip 5: Heavier items on the bottom

Check for the heavy items like shoes, they should have their place at the bottom of your backpack, with that you can avoid crushing essential things in your bag.

Tip 6: Dual-purpose item is the best

The main tip when packing as a minimalist is that every item should be multifunctional. Example a bandana could be a headscarf, towel or washcloth. Any item that can only be used once, don’t pack it.

Tip 7: Don’t take it if you don’t need it

You know the essential things you need, you should carry only that. The chances of losing your stuff to pick-pockets are high as they likely target tourists in public. Keep the things you don’t need and carry only those that are essential.

Tip 8: Important travel documents, cash, and credit cards

Get a document organizer, collect all your important documents like passport, ID cards, credit cards, boarding pass and the rest of it. Pack them into the organizer. Ensure that you don’t carry important documents in your back pocket as it’s easier to get lost or stolen from there.

Tip 9: But… you need your laptop

If you are a blogger or you really need to travel with your laptop, you can carry an extra laptop backpack where you will pack your laptop, charger, camera, power banks, probably a portable microphone and other unavoidable electronics.

Tip 10: How about dirty laundry

Your clothes will surely get dirty, so how do you separate them from the clean ones? You can get a simple plastic bag which can fit perfectly into your backpack, this isn’t an elegant solution but it will get the job done.

If you are travelling by air, there are several airline service providers and each has their own baggage policy before you start looking out for packages on cheap flights, it is necessary for you to inquire about this policy so that you can pack accordingly and save some bucks. In addition, you can get cheap flights from Lagos to New York, which will guarantee you a comfortable experience, if you are travelling to New York from Nigeria. Remember that:

The simpler you make your packing, the more you enjoy your trip