‘This Is It’ Series by LowlaDee

This is it series LowlaDee
I got the season 1 of 'This Is it' from a roommate. Since I got it, I have watched it more than three times either alone or with my roommates. The series is such an interesting one put together by LowlaDee ( Dolapo Omolola Adeleke). LowlaDeeTv are the producers of 'Brave' a multiple award winning film. 'This is it' featuring one of the most talented Kenyan actors Nick Mutuma as 'Tomide (Tee)' and bringing in Nigerian actress Chiagoziem Nwakanma as 'Dede'. It also features Bimbo Ademoye as 'Kerry', Stan Nze as 'Sam'.
'This Is It' Series by LowlaDee
The series shows the challenges, ups and downs of the first year of marriage of a young, clueless newlyweds Dede and Tomide. The couple try to deal with conflicts that comes with marriage starting from money issues to prying and curious friends to desire for kids and getting a new business. Dede is this anxious wife especially when she is in the 'panic mood' she gets to panic a lot while Tee always tries as much as he can to calm her down. Through it all, they keep trying to figure out routes to make everything work though at some points they make marriage look so simple which I know it's not.
Nick Mutuma
And my favourite scene in 'This is it Season 1' is at the party Tomide was invited for and he went with his wife, where the lady was trying to get him to herself but Tee kept looking at his pretty wife that was teaching some guy how to dance. The lady just had to give up because she saw that Tee really loved Dede. I love it when a married man knows his status and acts accordingly anywhere he finds himself and married women as well. LowlaDee says she is already writing the Season 2, can't wait for that to be out, I'm already trying to predict how it's gonna look like...
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This is it is a series you should see if you haven't. And if you have seen it, what are your thoughts?


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