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These Cakes, What I Need Right Now

I seriously don’t understand why I’m suddenly craving cakes these days especially when I’m looking at pictures of lovely baked cakes like the ones snapped here by Slimcasualz, I found out they were baked by Zanzara.

Or could it be because my birthday is coming up soon huh! I feel like I really need these cupcakes right now like immediately awww… they are looking so yummy that I can’t even focus on anything but feeding these craving and I can’t keep my eyes off them ūüėĘ

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  1. Kenneth Umanah says:

    Is ths how much you love cakes? Sha the cakes look so lovely

  2. Kenneth Umanah says:

    Speaking of your birthday, when is it?

  3. Yeah they are lovely.
    That will be next month, on the 30th


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