The Course mate That Talks Like Falz

The Course mate That Talks Like Falz

This is the first time I’ll be doing this, and I don’t know how long I’ll be able to keep it up but I will put in my best to make sure it doesn’t start and end with this post.

On today’s MTB Feature, we get to meet an Akwa Ibom artiste and a student of University of Uyo, who talks and act like the famous Nigerian musician called Falzthebahdguy. His name is Eddie Romie but he calls himself ‘Falztheotherguy’.

When I first heard him speak like Falz was on a cool day after we finished lectures and he was greeting someone with that accent and it caught my attention. It was quite funny hearing him speak like Falz and wearing the empty spectacles Falz wears. He doesn’t just speak and act like Falz but happens to be an artiste too.

I got to talk to him and I was able to make a video of the conversation but unfortunately, Nigerian network has refused me to upload it on YouTube you know how bad it sucks. Not to worry, am still trying to but for now I’ll write down most of the things I found out about Eddie Romie a.k.a Falztheotherguy. Let’s meet him

Q: Tell us about yourself
A: My name is Eddie Romie, a student of University of Uyo, Akwa Ibom State. I have an elder brother who happens to school here too. I’m an artiste and have released two singles. I love music

Q: What are you studying in school?
A: I’m studying Microbiology

Q: Who is your role model?
A: Falzthebahdguy

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Q: Why Falz?
A: Falz is someone I admire a lot, I happen to be his big fan, I love his accent, music, comedy skits and more especially his courage

Q: Have you met Falz before?
A: Yes. I was opportuned to meet him when he was in Uyo for Chronicles of Ushbebe

Q: So Eddie, how do you see yourself in future?
A: Everyone wants to be successful. Right now I can sing most especially rap and dance, I would love to do more of that, in order to travel round and touch people’s lives with my music.

Interviewer: It’s really nice meeting you, we hope to hear more of you
Eddie: Thanks a lot, I appreciate. Much love
So music music all the way
I know it wasn’t long but you’ve got to know one or two things about Eddie Romie. And probably you love his personality and wants to chat with him or listen to his songs, you can contact him on


Click to watch video

My friend had to ask the questions while I was busy behind the camera


  1. Bisola
    February 20, 2017

    Sounds interesting.

  2. MaryAnne TheodoreTv
    February 20, 2017

    Ya! It was quite an interesting session. Thanks for commenting Ma



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