That Scent: Ambition Unisex Perfume

So I got home and saw this perfume lying on the table…well, I don’t know who it belongs to or who bought it, all I know is that I’ve started using it already. The name is AMBITION and is produced by Copaci cosmetics. It is not really common. The perfume has an intense and surprisingly long lasting fragrance.

Good enough it doesn’t stain cloths, there are some perfume products you use and people can tell from afar that you’ve sprayed something even without perceiving the scent because it has already given marks on your cloths.
From the post’s title you already know that the scent works well for both men and women. The design is just a very simple black bottle.


You can either get it for your use or gift it to a loved one by clicking here or ordering it through my online shop.  The price is affordable so do not panic.

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  1. Thank you for sharing, Dana perfume minimum is the best unisex perfume available in the market


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