Slimcasualz: The Fashion Brand You Need To Know About

When you think of a fashion brand, think Slimcasualz – a multi enterpreneurial fashion brand which have dared to step outside the norm.

What they deal with?
This brand deals with trending fashion, styling, directing of shoot, photography, modelling, and event planning. They also have fashion consultants, clothing accessories for unisex, art directors, wardrobe managers and a model academy. If you are still in doubt then you need to take a good look at these

Fashion blogger

Fashion blogger



Nigerian photographer

Beautiful right?

How do you find them?
If you are in Uyo or anywhere close by, you can take a walk to Slimcasualz which is located at Oron road beside Kilimanjaro in Uyo, Akwa Ibom state.

You can also send them an email through nwedobongenang50@gmail.com
Call +2349071690522


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