Norland Herbal Toothpaste


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  • Longtime Strengthen Tooth
    Starting from the “root”, it utilizes the secret formula to make tooth stronger and
    more healthy.
  • Deeply Clean Tooth
    Rich in various natural herbal active ingredients, it can go deep into the place of
    the oral cavity which is difficult to be cleaned, and keep the oral cavity deeply clean.
  • Protect and Strengthen Tooth, Strengthen Enamel
    Select high-quality oat dietary fiber stimulation essence, which can effectively
    maintain the gingival health, and strengthen the enamel.
  • Reduce Bacterial Plaque
    Keep a good growing environment for gingival, enhance the bacteriostasis of
    lysozyme in oral saliva, reduce bacterial plaque, brighten and whiten teeth.
  • Freshen Breath
    Dual mint odour type, persistently eliminate bad breath, last fresh breath, make oral
    cavity feel refreshed and conformable.




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