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One Year Blogiversary + Giveaway!

Blogger blogiversary

Wow! I can’t believe it’s a year already. That was way too fast. They say time flies when you’re having fun.

July 4th, 2016 was the first day I hit ‘Publish‘ after I had given a lot of thought towards blogging. I started out as a beginner – I mean a real time beginner who had no idea of where to start from and how to get a blog running but through the help of Google, friends and fellow bloggers the blog has grown to where it is today.

Since its launch there have been
• 100 posts
• 60,000+ total views
• Increase in monthly views
• Readers from about 10 different countries
Special shoutout to all my readers in United States, Russia, Kenya and also to the ones here in Nigeria.

Well my first year of blogging hasn’t been that easy, one of these days I’m gonna write a post on the challenges of blogging in Nigeria, watch out for it. I would say I’ve been able to sail through many obstacles and still have hope of overcoming many.

Recently my blog was approved by Google for AdSense which I had applied for so long – that’s a milestone reached and secondly my blog was nominated for Liebster award – another milestone, I’m already working on a post about that ( in the draft). I have learned a lot throughout these 12 months and I look forward to better years ahead for the blog.

But let me be honest with you, none of these would have happened if I didn’t have you all supporting my blog and what I do here, by visiting, reading my posts and your comments most especially. So I say THANK YOU to you all lovely people out there.

As a way to give back to my readers, there will be giveaways that will run for 1 month (4th July – 4th August).
✌Free promotion of any of your products or services on this blog free of charge.
•  Blog post
•  Social media mention

✌Let people know more about you by being on the blog’s Feature page

How To Enter The Giveaway
It is very simple, you can enter through the blog’s Facebook page,
#1 – LIKE the page first if you haven’t

#2 – LIKE the blogiversary post

#3 – Send in a MESSAGE to the page
Giveaway starts with publishing this post and ends on 4th August. Once again Thank you

Maryanne Theodore

I am a lifestyle blogger, I share my everyday life experiences and lessons with my readers here. I create content inspired and curated by my personal interest and daily activities as a blogger and as a student which leaves you inspired and motivated to face life.



  1. Chelsea Coulter says:

    Aw how lovely! Happy first anniversary to your blog! Wishing you many more happy years of fabulous posts and success.

  2. Happy anniversary dearie. We celebrate with you.

  3. ana de jesus says:

    Aw congrats, to get 60,000 views in a year is pretty incredible you should be so proud of yourself. Here is to many more years! x

  4. Five Little Doves says:

    Happy first blog anniversary! That's an amazing achievement for a year of blogging! What a fab giveaway!

  5. I'm glad you've enjoyed your first year of blogging! Happy blogversary 🙂

  6. Some amazing accomplishments for your first year of blogging. Congrats on making it a year and wishing you all the best for the future.

  7. Congratulations for making it so far. Keep up the good work and work towards even greater accomplishments in the future.

  8. So many congratulations to you on your first anniversary! Give yourself a big pat on the back .. you've accomplished so very much! I'm excited to follow along with you and see what year 2 will bring. x

  9. Thank you Chelsea

  10. I really appreciate this

  11. A huge thank you Jen S

  12. Many thanks to my readers

  13. Thanks darling

  14. I gently appreciate your kind words Ania

  15. I can't forget this Nelu, thanks a lot

  16. Happy blog anniversary, you've done so well in your first year you should be proud of your progress x

  17. Congratulations on your one year blogiversary and another congratulations on all your accomplishments! I've just started blogging and I aspire to be a great blogger like you.

  18. I'm excited to have you here, I was about to give out a big pat on my back when I remembered the journey has just begun, I look forward to a better 2nd year of blogging. Cheers!

  19. My blog anniversary is coming up in a couple months, and I wasn't sure what to do. I may steal your ideas if that's ok?! You say you've only been blogging a year but you seem way more knowledgeable than me lol

  20. Thank you Rhian x

  21. Thank you, in aspiring to be great you will face some difficulties but don't let those make you give up. Welcome to blogosphere

  22. Lol Eddie, very okay. Ideas are everywhere, we only seem limited when we haven't come across them.

  23. Thank you Emmanuel

  24. Wow…congratulations. I'm happy for you. I like your blog design.

  25. Happy first blog anniversary! it sounds like you've had an exceptional experience so far! I love your blog and your design! Hopefully I'll be as successful as you one day!

  26. Thanks for your compliment Jade, that one year wasn't easy though – learning everything from scratch. You need to be consistent and confident then you will be successful

  27. Wow! I have personal likes for Women bloggers…… Congratulations on your anniversary…… Blogging from the THE OTHER SIDE OF LIFE

  28. Congratulations on your successes so far and wishing you many more. Blogging offers many intrinsic rewards and sleepless nights but it's a worthy journey.

    1. Yea. I agree with you Emma,

  29. Thanks Henry dear
    Will surely visit The other side of life

  30. Sure you can't have a successful blog without sleepless nights but the benefits thereafter is worth it. Thanks for your wishes

  31. Wow,a big congratulations to you,you deserve more…am really happy for you…Am Emmanuel from Nigeria,and am also a blogger

  32. Thanks a lot Emmanuel

  33. wow…a year of blogging. I know you have a lot of tales to tell.

    1. Getting to 2 years already, pretty lot of tales from it

  34. Opulent Emmanuel says:

    I celebrate your resilience… I know h you have broken new grounds now.

    1. Thank you dear. I’m breaking new grounds everyday.

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