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Must Read: Unkind Wedding Gift

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A young lady was getting married, her colleagues organized a party to celebrate her departure from spinsterhood. Everyone was eating, drinking and making merry when one of her colleagues who was known for cracking unnecessary and embarrassing jokes at unexpected moments walked in. None of his colleagues has ever asked him why he behaves the way he does since they heard from a source that the man was having a little mental problem.

The lady that was getting married was fond of sleeping around most especially with her high ranking colleagues even with the married ones. She was always ready for whoever could afford to foot her bills. Her most regular affairs were with the administrators of the company thereby giving her opportunity to be promoted whenever the wind of promotion blows.

On this happiest day of hers, nobody would discuss this open secret except the notorious joker. Somewhere in between the flow of drinks and laughter, the man stood up and requested to speak and he was given a chance.

I want to congratulate our colleague on this great day“, he began. “This must be one of the happiest days of her life. I know this because she has now got what she has spent many years looking for. I’m sure her success in getting a husband is a gift from God. You see, that’s why it’s good to be good. Even the Bible says that God loves a cheerful giver. We all know that our colleague here is a cheerful giver. She gives everything she has including her body. Even one of the administrative chiefs can bear witness to this. Once again, I say congrats.”

When he ended his speech, everywhere was quiet, one could actually hear a pin drop. Everyone was embarrassed that nobody could look at the next person in the eye. A lot of people got up and left because they couldn’t stand the embarrassment.

If only looks could kill then the man would have dropped dead from the look on the lady’s face.

Saviour Udoh

Saviour Udoh

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