[Must Read] Not Just A Man’s World

When she was still just in high school, Patra loved climbing. She was so good at it. Rocks, trees – with ease she could climb them all. Anytime she wasn’t climbing, she loved nothing better than watching the building workers climbed up the scaffolding round the new buildings that were always being built. Wouldn’t it be wonderful, she thought, if she too could get a job like that when she left school?
But when Patra left school, she found out that it wasn’t as easy as she thought. She soon uncovered that it is a man’s world – the building industry employs only men. She attempted a number of building contractors; every single one refused to give heed: “We don’t hire women on jobs like that” – ‘that’s a man’s job” – “a building site is no place for a woman”.
Patra was determined never to be defeated. She cut her hair short, dressed up in men’s clothes, and went as far as getting an ID card under the name Dan Peter.
It worked! She had a job  as a scaffolder working for  Rusko  Building Company. She  did extremely well and looked exactly like a man.
But one small slip and all was undone. ‘Mr Peter’ fell  and was rushed to the  hospital. The doctor demanded that ‘his’ clothes be taken off for proper examination. ‘Mr Peter’ had to comply lest the doctor reports to her boss. So, at last the wind has blown and the anus of the chicken has been exposed.
The company investigated and found out the truth. “We don’t know  whether to lose a good worker by handing her over to the police  for giving false information, or to strike a blow and employ the first female scaffolder in Nigeria.”

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What is Rusko going to do about the case?
What is the fate of Patra?

The chief officers of the company had a meeting to decide what should be done concerning Patra’s case. She was invited to the meeting and asked why she had conned the firm, Miss Patra said: “I couldn’t find any other way of getting a job”. The Personnel Officer says he has to give her a sack, but he is thinking of offering her an office job. But he is no longer sure whether he can trust her.

Patra tries to persuade him that she is a fine person who does not deserve any more bad luck, she apologises for the fake identity and concedes that she made a mistake. She went on to reassure the Personnel officer that she really meant no harm and promises that nothing like that will ever happen again, that she should be given a second chance.

She was asked if she didn’t find the work exhausting, but she insisted that she had passion for it and where there is passion she can’t feel exhausted.

At last, Mr Robert, the company Personnel officer, decided to give Patra another chance. A few days later, when she had fully recovered from her injury, Patra was back to the building firm.

However, almost at once there was an urgent knock on Mr Robert’s door. “Come in!” said Mr Robert.
It was the head of the group of scaffolders working with Patra.
“I’m sorry to say that there’s trouble on the building site,” he said. “The men are not comfortable working with Patra.” “Why?” said Mr Robert.
“They said she is a woman!” was the reply. Mr Robert had no alternative. He had to send Patra to the office.

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She succeeded because she pressed on and refused to be defeated. You too can do even greater things than you ever thought of, therefore to every woman, lady, girl out there #beboldforchange


  1. Tunde
    March 24, 2017

    Read this when i was (i guess in junior high school). You add a lil bit touch to it though 😉
    TuhamWorld's Blog

  2. MaryAnne Theodore
    March 24, 2017

    I loved the story back then in high school so I decided to complete it and use it for this year's Int. Women's day



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