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Must Read: From The Road To The Altar

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Except something is wrong with him, any man no matter how pious, will fall in love with this girl. She is so beautiful, and lovely, that she definitely will take your breath away. I have not seen a girl like her. I have seen her on three occasions on my way to my office. The first time, I saw her standing by the road side waiting for a taxi. The second and third time, she was at the same spot, for the same purpose. And on each occasion, had tantalized me giving vice to some erotic thoughts. I was literally burning with desire.

When I saw her again at that same spot simple but elegantly dressed, I decided to do something. To have her or stop using that route. But how could I start? I didn’t have a car. Such fays, I told myself need some impressions. My brain started working till I reached my office that day.

The following day I was chauffeur-driven in a black fully air-conditioned Lezus350. I was daintily dressed in a beige suit sparingly sprayed with cloe perfume, which I had bought at De Sparks Shopz the previous day after I had got words from the car hire people at Transcorp Hostel, that the Lezus would be sent to me for use as requested.

As usual, this my fay was standing at the same spot. The driver pulled the car close to the sidewalk. I gave the girl a pregnant smile and asked her if she cared for a ride? She glanced at her wrist watch and asked. “How far are you going?” Her voice was as soft as bed-time melody. “Your wish is my command pretty girl. Just tell me where you’re going.” I told her retaining the pregnant smile.

As soon as the girl took her seat beside me at the back of the car, the whole of my body went up in flames. I felt like taking her to bed immediately. I didn’t want a quickie. No. I wanted to settle down patiently at this apparently delicious meal. Anyway, I pulled myself together and perished the erotic thoughts tentatively and began to chat her up. I told her about myself and she did the same. By the time we got to her destination I had already struck a deal with her. I was to pick her up at her aunt’s store at Goldie by Mount zion the following Saturday.

Before I left to pick her that Saturday in a friend’s Toyota Venza, I had put two bottles of Pink lady in the car in addition to the fried chicken, and shawama and other necessary ingredients bought for that occasion the previous day. My bedroom was given a face lift. It was unusually tidy and fragrant.

Back at my self-contain apartment with my catch I did not waste any time I took her straight to my bedroom, slot in Marvin Gaye’s Get’s Get it On, drew her to myself and planted and kiss on her lip. And the fire was on at once. I have never been so lucky. This mermaid was very submissive. She looked ripe devastating. Sleek, spotlees and fair like a ripe banana, her body was a quintessential work of art. She must have been carved on the great sculptor’s happiest day, I thought; as I ran my left hand thought her body.

Finally I told her I faked the personality I presented to her because it was the only way I thought I could get her, told her fully about myself and in-spite of the revelation the relationship has remained evergreen. We are now contemplating marriage.


Saviour Udoh

Saviour Udoh


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