I Finally Registered For NNU Income Program

The first time I came across the NNU Income Program was on Facebook and I decided to check it out and found out you can actually make huge cash from it every month especially if you are the type that spends time online.

After reading everything I could read about it I clicked the REGISTER NOW button and was asked to pay N1,600.

It wasn’t a big deal, so I tried to but after filling the forms and all, the site wasn’t loading. “Nigerian network nawao”, I tried again yet I wasn’t getting any result, I left the site and never went back there.

Since then I’ve been seeing posts about the program but when I remember that I couldn’t have access to the site, I quickly push it off till the day Prosper Noah posted on his timeline that he has made N25,000 from it, something just told me ‘it is working’.

Few hours from then, two of my roommates were discussing about how they’ve joined and are hoping to start making money from it, I asked them about it and decided to sign up under one of them.

My account wasn’t approved, I was getting series of error messages from the system and was finally asked to wait for 24hrs which I patiently did.

After 24hrs had elapsed and I wasn’t getting any positive response I decided to contact one of the admins and he suggested I open with another email. He helped me to and now I have my account.

What is NNU Income Program About?

Maybe you’ve been hearing about NNU income and you don’t really know what it is about, here is the deal.

NNU means Nigerian News Update, an online platform where Nigerians get news updates from all hooks and crannies of the country.

I won’t tell you I registered to get enlightened, I joined because of the money.

How NNU Works

You get paid for performing tasks like posting, commenting, daily logins, sharing sponsored posts but if you don’t have time to do that you can get paid as an affiliate by referring others to join. That’s where the main deal lies.

NNU pays you N1000 for every person you refer, let’s say you are able to refer 10 people in a day, and they all pay sign up by paying for their NNU income pack which is N1,600, you’ll make N10,000 and if you can refer more than that, then do the calculations yourself.

You get your money every 27th day of each month which you can cash out once you reach minimum of N5,000 threshold. Sounds cool right?

How To Register For NNU Income Program

I will give you the steps I followed to register mine

Click here to register.

NNU income program

After you have registered, you have to buy the NIP pack which cost N1,600. It’s either you pay for it online with your card or you transfer the money to the bank details that will be provided.

Once you’ve paid, your account will be approved. It’s that easy, don’t mind all those things I’d to go through.

After the account has been approved, you can start commenting on posts, write your own posts, share the sponsored posts on Facebook and start making your money.

Remember this is not a get rich quick scheme or one of those Ponzi schemes, you work for you earn. It may not pay all your bills but it can take of some financial issues.

I hope with these few points of mine, I’ve been able to convince but not confuse you that NNU Income Program is working and you should sign up under me so we can make this money together.

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