How Did You Spend Your Christmas Day?

I woke up so early today despite the fact that I slept late last night because of the cooking and all the preparation needed to be done towards today. On waking up, I got prepared for Sunday / Christmas day service. Service was great, not forgetting to mention that there was lot of merriment, enough food and drinks for everyone there.

On getting back home, the merriment continued…

You will likely not see any photo shoot because on waking till now there has been power shortage 👎 (PHCN… don’t know their new name 🙎) in the part of Nigeria that I’m in.

I’m only able to type this, send and respond to my Christmas wishes because Dad had to turn on the generator when there was no hope of having light on Christmas day.

This year’s Christmas is just like the previous ones, nothing out of the ordinary happened, always going for Christmas service and coming back home to spend the rest of the day with my family, but what gladdens my heart most is that joy of saying or typing Merry Christmas to my family, friends, the people around me and to you too.

In case you had missed my first post, let me use this post to specially tell you Merry Christmas!

Am not just writing this because I don’t have what to do but I want to also know how every other person especially how YOU spent your Christmas day, I could probably follow suit next year…wink who knows

How did you spend your Christmas day?
I want to know

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