Hope You Had a Blissful Wednesday

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I thank God for a successful day. I boarded a bus that was heading to Uyo from Ikot Ekpene, while we were waiting for other passengers to fill up the bus, two cyclists were coming from opposite directions. One from Uyo road while the other from Aba road and the next thing I heard was wham as they crashed into each other and fell at the busy junction, luckily for them no car was close.

Before one could say ma-la-chi, one of the cyclists got up and ran. I heard passers-by yelling hold him! hold him! I didn’t understand why until I asked the woman that sat next to me and she explained that he might lose his senses at that point. OH oh I didn’t know that At least I learnt that one shouldn’t just get up and run after an accident.

I’m sorry I couldn’t get photos of the incident because my phone had shut down, one of the challenges we face as bloggers in Nigeria: no (constant) light supply to charge your devices. Anyway I thank God that though they sustained injuries, they didn’t lose their lives.

After that, my day went jejely well, I reached my destination and did everything I intended doing and returned to my abode safely. Its good to thank God when you are able to go out and return safely without problems.

How about you? Did you go to work, to school, to the cinema, to the mall, or to the market today? Hope you had a blissful Wednesday cause mine was blissfully blissful.


  1. Emmy Udoudoh
    October 20, 2016

    Nice,lots of classes

  2. MaryAnne Theodore
    October 20, 2016

    Hope they ain't stressing you out dear



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