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    Career Advice: A Letter To My 25 Year Old Self

    An Ode to the article “The Career Advice I wish I had at 25” I recently came across a very catchy and thought provoking article on LinkedIn by Shane Rodgers titled “The career advice I wish I had at 25”. He said a bit about how we get to look back years from now and wish we had the opportunity to use a time machine once, go back in time to give our youthful selves a lecture or two on the things you should have done differently. He said: “In the future, when we turn 50, we will each be given a ticket to a time machine and, just once,…

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    Bored? By Emediong Udoudoh

    By Emediong Udoudoh One of the most common English word used by almost everyone to weary by dullness and tedious repetition as a verb tiresome it act as a noun a combination of four distant alphabet relatives create the word BORED a teacher teaching in class and you do not understand-bored a preacher preaching and you are not interested-bored a movie showing but not as you imagined-bored and since the bible has a constant repetition of God's word-bored but instead of being bored with the norms and rules of the world  we are bored with a recipe for heaven instead of being bored with the idea of being happy online…

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    Nigerian Poetry @ 56

    Nigeria,my dwelling place from above, the heavenly abode looks down on you to the peaceful woes you have become to replicate,this you did effectively but to reproduce,this you neglected years back on this day,you had your independence 56 years down,we have nothing to solidly boast of.   Nigeria,my dwelling place why don't there exist a state where people are understanding and not so rude why don't there exist a society where negative influence is not the rule why is mercy a crime and terrorism the order of the day why have we savage our oil and let our politicians loot us with their ideas why have we sent agriculture to…

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    Must Read: Unkind Wedding Gift

    A young lady was getting married, her colleagues organized a party to celebrate her departure from spinsterhood. Everyone was eating, drinking and making merry when one of her colleagues who was known for cracking unnecessary and embarrassing jokes at unexpected moments walked in. None of his colleagues has ever asked him why he behaves the way he does since they heard from a source that the man was having a little mental problem. The lady that was getting married was fond of sleeping around most especially with her high ranking colleagues even with the married ones. She was always ready for whoever could afford to foot her bills. Her most regular…

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    Must Read: From The Road To The Altar

    Except something is wrong with him, any man no matter how pious, will fall in love with this girl. She is so beautiful, and lovely, that she definitely will take your breath away. I have not seen a girl like her. I have seen her on three occasions on my way to my office. The first time, I saw her standing by the road side waiting for a taxi. The second and third time, she was at the same spot, for the same purpose. And on each occasion, had tantalized me giving vice to some erotic thoughts. I was literally burning with desire. When I saw her again at that same spot…


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