Finally….I Got To See ‘Otuekong’ It’s Unforgettable

Today was such a great day, from the moment I got up from my bed till now.

I got to Church for service quite early. Everything was moving too fast and service ended just in time and I got back to my hostel around 12:30 and didn’t sleep off until two hours later.

The time had reached

When I woke up, the whole place was busy, everyone around were getting dressed and it seemed I had slept too long that I’d forgotten that I needed to see ‘Otuekong‘ by 6:00pm.

Otuekong‘ is the second edition of a drama series titled ‘My Story My Life‘ staged by Victory Chapel Theatre in University of Uyo, it was hosted by VCT Uniuyo Main campus. I was able to see the first in the series which happened to be ‘Ayomide‘. It was touching but I think I prefer today’s act to the first.

The cast was awesome and the performers acted their parts quite well. I enjoyed every bit of the what happened tonight and I can’t forget what the MC did before the drama was staged, Lol…he came out and was like “MTN users grab your phones” the people around me couldn’t wait, everyone got their phones and I was feeling left out because am not using MTN…who cares? Lol. He called out some numbers, at a point people were shouting “Make it faster”

After calling the numbers which I never cared to take note of, he mentioned a name and said “That’s my account number” Lol…I couldn’t stop laughing, tell me it isn’t funny. I leant a lot of things from everyone that got to perform.

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I can’t really go into details of what ‘Otuekong‘ was all about cause even as am writing this, am having this serious headache that has refused to let me be and I have an early morning class tomorrow so I need to rest, I know you’ll agree with me. But even with that am glad that the wait wasn’t in vain and that ‘Otuekong‘ was a success.

Were you able to see the drama today?
If you were, which part really git you interested? To those who couldn’t see it, hope you had a wonderful Sunday and you enjoyed everything that happened today. If all didn’t go well, don’t feel bad, tomorrow will be better. If you read this to the end, Goodnight and sweet dreams


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