Feels Good To Be Back

Feels good to be back

Damn! It really feels good to be back. I only went for a month and few days and it looks like I went for a whole year.

I know I went for so long, I really missed you guys and I know you missed me too, you don’t have to deny it cause I can feel it in my bones.

Yes you can crucify me for abandoning you but maybe you should ask me to explain what happened, you don’t even need to ask me to explain cause I will.

I planned on going for a little break, very shekini break oh… then during the break my hosting expired and Namecheap closed my account, that’s why you were receiving those error messages when you tried accessing the blog.

A few called and so many texted to ask why the blog was down, thank you so much for the love ūüėć. I’m glad you guys are still here, feels good to be back here.

I have renewed my hosting and I’m back gidiba for you guys, I full ground wella.

So what did I miss while I was away, gist me abeg! Who graduated from college, got a new job, got engaged or got married? These days, people I know are just getting married left, right and center.

I learned a lot during that little break sha, don’t worry I’ll share it with you guys. Ah! I almost forgot my hair transition story.

Hehehehe I was planning on transiting from my relaxed hair to natural. I didn’t want to cut off everything but to chop off the relaxed part till it fully became natural.

I wasn’t grieved¬†cause I knew it would grow back healthier and stronger.

After making a list of the natural hair products I needed, I decided to go to the saloon, before then I had already trimmed the edges which were becoming brown.

On getting there, I got discouraged when I thought of how I will maintain it. It isn’t an easy decision!

Now I cut cap for those who are going natural, and are keeping it healthy and good-looking, you are really trying. Kudos!

So how is life at your end, trust you’re doing well. I really want to hear from you, share your gist with me in the comment section of the post.

Much love ūüėė




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  1. Benson Chidiebere says:

    welcome back dear…

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