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Champion Breweries Launched Their Canteen Today

Happy new month once again. This month is definitely going to be a bountiful one for the employees of Champion Breweries Aka offot in Uyo. I’m sure I must have told you in one of my posts that I’m undergoing my industrial training there, you can read about my first day here in case you didn’t see it. 

So back to the talk of the day, I started the training in April and since then there has been news that the company was going to open their canteen where food will be served free most especially to the Corp members and IT students working in the company. At first it was scheduled to start on the 1st of July – that was last month so we anxiously waited for the day to come abeg who no like free thing but when it finally arrived nothing was forth coming.

Then another goodnews came, that the opening had been postponed to 1st day of August which happen to be today, you needed to see the way we’ve been gyming to go to the canteen. At first I had doubt if it was actually going to happen but they kept to their words, serving about 35 IT students and 21 Corp members free lunch every working day, the first of its kind in the history of the company – they will be doing an excellent job.

The lunch items for today included Melon soup with either Eba or fufu and jellof rice each with chicken or fish then there was bread and also water melon which served as the appetizer, the soup was palatable – that’s what I went for, don’t know about the rice but I guess it was nice too.


Champion Breweries

Champion Breweries

Champion Breweries

Champion Breweries

You can definitely see the smile on the faces. As we eat these every lunch time we would have the energy and the synergy to brew enough high quality Champion Lager beer and produce more Champ Malta for your consumption. You needed to also see those who couldn’t walk back to their places of work after gulping down everything lol

Sadly my training will be ending soon but I’ve still got 1 more month to stay and enjoy these. If you’re looking for where to undergo your Industrial training my dear this should be one of the reasons you should consider Champion Breweries Aka offot, Uyo…you know what I mean wink

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  1. Mhen, i feel like…..smashing one of those……there

  2. pls connect me ….want to work in the canteen, am presently working at PABOD BREWERIES CANTEEN which is operating by Killimanjaro/sundry foods…..i want to come back to uyo please…..blogger please inbox me privately on 08063499656 thanks.

    1. I only did my industrial training there, I would advice you go to the company and inquire about it

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