Buy Oriflame Products In Uyo, Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria

Oriflame possess perfume

If you’ve been searching for where to buy Oriflame Products In Uyo, Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria, you need not worry anymore, cause you’re at the last bus stop as you can always count on me.

You can get in contact with me through +2347013297403 either via phone call, messages or Whatsapp.

I am a certified Oriflame consultant in Nigeria, got registered last year under Jide Ogunsanya. If you contact at the point I don’t have the particular product(s) you are requesting for, I can place an order for you or get the product(s) from my colleagues either in Uyo or other Oriflame consultants closer to your location.

You can place your orders directly from the company if you get registered as a consultant. I can also help you with the registration and good enough you will get your products at consultant price.

By joining my team, I guarantee that I will guide you on how to sell your products from your convenience and make your damn money, just the way I do. It may interest you to know that I sell from home and from school.

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I will also show you the latest Oriflame products catalogue which will enable you to see the list of Oriflame products and their current prices.

My favourite Oriflame products include:

  • Original aftershave balm – soothes and protects shaved skin
  • Milk and Honey sugar scrub – clears black areas and smoothens the skin
  • Pure skin range – clears pimples and acne
  • Body perfumes and sprays – Love potion, Signature, Giordani, Possess the secret,
  • Feetup – restores the condition of rough and cracked skin
  • Feminelle special care – promotes intimate freshness in women

Oriflame possess perfume

Oriflame fragrance products

Oriflame Pure skin range

This post is inspired by my boss Jide Ogunsanya the founder of

Don’t forget to contact me anytime you want to buy Oriflame Products in Uyo: 07013297403

You can as well place your order through ShopCares Nigeria – my online shop.


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