Abundance of Fish in 2017 – Tear Rubber

Evangelist Prophet Michael Jonah (Tear Rubber)
Evangelist Prophet Michael Jonah(Tear Rubber)

A renown man of God in Akwa Ibom state and the general overseer of God’s Great Evangelical Ministries, Prophet Michael Jonah has released a prophecy about
the abundance of fish in 2017.  He said

Fishes will be so abundant in 2017 that those selling will not see people to buy, and they will be in different species”

He also added that the cost of fishes will be so cheap.

He made this utterance in the church located at Ikot odiong, Abak, Akwa Ibom state during a traditional Sunday service that was held today 9th October 2016. The members of the church were not in doubt when he released the prophecy because the things he prophecies about always come to manifestation.

Will it come to pass? If you’re asking that then I’ll tell you to wait in anticipation cause 2017 is few months from now.


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