20 Things To Do Before You’re 20

Someone I know is turning 20 soon and I’m writing this to her and to those who will be turning 20 as well. You are still a teenager now, you’re still young so live your life to its fullest cause one day you will wake up and be like “Don’t tell me I’ve finally hit the big 20” and then it will become clear that being twenty definitely means you’ve got no teen left in you except there’s something like twentyteen. So I’ve got with me here 20 Things To Do Before You’re 20


  • Write letters to everyone you love


  • Go on an exotic vacation with your family


  • Camp out


  • Write in a journal everyday till it finishes


  • Try a food you’ve never tasted before


  • Learn a different language


  • Sew something nice by yourself


  • Discover a new talent


  • Master a tough tongue twister


  • Take a road trip to a very far place
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  • Go electric gadgets free for 1 week


  • Have a meaningful conversation with a total stranger


  • Go to the beach


  • Record yourself covering your favourite song and go ahead to post it on YouTube


  • Learn how to play a song on an instrument. Any instrument of your choice


  • Dance in the rain


  • Read atleast 50 books


  • Get in control of your finances


  • Go to a festival


  • Have the most awesome birthday party ever


Did I miss anything you did or will do before clocking 20? Get in the comment box and let’s know about it!

(7) Comments

  1. Nice one…..have not done most of them myself… growing up is a big setup

    1. Thank you
      The world itself is a big setup

  2. I totally agree with all these. Thanks for the share

    1. Thanks for your comment

  3. I did a lot of crazy things before turning 20, I don’t regret any of those things today

  4. Why didn’t I see this post before I turned 20? I didn’t do any

    1. Now you’ve seen it, there are some you can still do before turning 25 or 30. Thanks for dropping by Miss Phiyah


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