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Never Let Your Hope Die Even When Man Fails You

I have fought myself to be quiet on this TESTIMONY but as a servant of the Most High God, I am obligated to tell the world what God did and can do…. My business had been challenged and I needed a new equipment to be able to be competitive. I had discussed with at least 4 banks to fund the purchase of the equipment and they promised delivery but NONE of the banks fulfilled their promise…. None of the banks supported.

I was out during the Easter season for a meditative process and I heard in my spirit, “TRY GOD”. As a Bible believing Christian, I sowed specific seeds for God to show Himself strong on my behalf. I heard God say in my spirit that “IMPOSSIBLE” can be “I’M POSSIBLE.” When He gets involved, men follow His instructions. So in April, I wrote those words down and took a picture of it. I discussed with both local banks and foreign investors and their terms were not human. In June, my team received a call that a certain man has one of those equipment and he is ready to put together a working relationship with my company.

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Today the equipment is on the ground, fully documented and working without me or my company being exposed to any financial institution or any man local or international in principal or interest.

Never let your HOPE DIE. Even when man fails you, companies and institutions fail you, just TRY GOD. God knows how to position your mindset to take the right decisions”. Join me at THINKATION2018 to hear how to do business and create value for yourself, your generation and those unborn. Register at


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  1. This is a good motivation for me

  2. I’m glad this post motivated you and I’m sure the writer (Ubong King) will be glad as well. Thanks for your comment


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