Happy Birthday Idiyakke

Birthday Idiyakke
The celebrant sent this to my mail 3 days ago and I will love us to wish him a happy birthday. These words are from him:

Birthday Idiyakke

On a day like this some years ago, my mother was taken to the hospital for a king’s arrival. She went into the favour room and the process of emigration began, the nurses were at their best doing all they know how to do. Then my mother kept asking what was wrong and why her baby wasn’t out yet. I could vividly remember the words of one of the nurses that was on duty, she said she presumes the baby has the blue blood and royalties don’t rush out, they take their time and within the blink of an eye, I was triggered.

Birthday Idiyakke

Oh what an accolade, I arrived majestically and joy filled the room. Since then it has been transition from one glory to another, my case being different, and now it’s my new dawn. Today is my day and I can’t keep calm, on this note I say happy birthday to myself and also a big shout out to my mum, the vessel through which I came to earth for making this possible. You live on Mum, kisses

Birthday Idiyakke

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  1. Crazy Pea says:

    Happy birthday Idiyakke, I wish you long life and prosperity


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