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6 Benefits of Aloe Vera That You Never Knew About

November 13, 2017

      Aloe Vera is a common plant that can be found in almost every home these days because of its numerous benefits. Most people who have this powerful plant know the true worth of this miracle herb.Aloe Vera can be put to various uses and is very important herb that should be in every garden or flower pot in all homes. Aloe Vera actually does not need any further introduction as it has made itself very popular by…

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I Have Switched From Blogger To WordPress

November 10, 2017
From Blogger To Wordpress

  One of the plans I had for my blog this year was migrating from Blogger to WordPress though I didn't include it in my blog's resolution for the year  I just had it in mind and last month that was on the 6th, uhm!... Yes 6th of October I finally checked it off. In blogosphere one thing that always bring about argument is which platform is the best among the three most popular ones which are Blogger, WordPress and Squarespace.…

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My 20th Birthday: A New Life Begins

October 30, 2017
Maryanne Theodore

I had stayed up till 12am. I wasn't able to sleep probably because I slept throughout Sunday's afternoon. It was 12:13 in Nigeria when I got my first message, Ding ding it came in from my bank. "Dear M THEODORE, Happy Birthday! We wish you many more happy years ahead. Have a wonderful experience...From all of us at YourBank." My 20th year of life has officially started. I begun to feel depressed. I have left my teenage years in the past but why wasn't…

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20 Things You Didn’t Know About Me

October 29, 2017

Apart from knowing my nickname  knowing that I'm introverted, slim and beautiful (wink) I believe there are some other things you should know about me. No no no we should know about ourselves. So I will start with myself, here are they: I have a rare ability to stay in my room all day, you only have to leave with me a paper and pen or my phone plus my laptop. I tend to be quiet on an average day but when it's…

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10 Facts About Scorpios That Will Blow Your Mind

October 26, 2017

Before you start reading you've got to know that I'm not writing this because I'm a Scorpio rather on general facts that all Scorpios can basically relate with. Also know that a Scorpio may likely not have all the characteristics that will be listed here. Scorpio happens to be the eighth astrological sign in the Zodiac. The sun transits this area from Oct 23 to Nov 21. Anyone born under the influence of Scorpio is called same and is indicated…

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20 Things To Do Before You’re 20

October 20, 2017

Someone I know is turning 20 soon and I'm writing this to her and to those who will be turning 20 as well. You are still a teenager now, you're still young so live your life to its fullest cause one day you will wake up and be like "Don't tell me I've finally hit the big 20" and then it will become clear that being twenty definitely means you've got no teen left in you except there's something like twentyteen. So I've got with me…

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Be Inspired

Writing Your Name on The Sands of Time

October 10, 2017

  "Footprints on the sands of time are not made by sitting down" The sands of time is a literal way of referring  to time, especially when you are talking about it passing very quickly. Writing your name or having your footprints on the sands of time literally means the same thing which is leaving a mark or making a history while you exists. “Lives of great men all remind us.  We can make our lives sublime,  And, departing, leave…

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Soar Higher Like The Eagle

September 30, 2017

  Happy weekend to you dear, hope you had a lovely week and a wonderful September as well. It's been long we read something inspiring here so today being the last day of the month let's look at something inspiring to help us get into the new month together. During the week I came across a question on Facebook that goes thus: If you were to be an animal which will you choose to be? I thought about it a…

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