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Introducing Norland Industrial Group To Nigerians

norland industrial group

Norland Industrial group is a large scale multinational industrial group which is involved in the health industry, medical cosmetology industry, direct selling industry and e-commerce industry. Founded in 2008, Norland Industrial group is involved in many other areas including health management, medical services, international logistics and finance. (more…)…

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My Christmas Wish Came True on Val’s Day

Happy Valentine's day lovely people. I saw most of you looking hot hot in your red attires, some red and white. It is not a small something o... Most of you that saw my posts on my social media platforms will be wondering what was her Christmas wish that came true sef that she will not allow us to hear word. Yes o I will not allow you people to hear word cause if I don't share the joy with you…

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“Join Oriflame and get your money back”

GET YOUR MONEY BACK WHEN YOU JOIN ORIFLAME How can you partake in this offer? Register on Oriflame in February, make your first BP order in February and get your registration fee of NGN 2,990 FREE as pre-paid for future orders! Terms & Conditions Offer is valid from 1st to 28th February 2018 FREE Joining fee offer is valid only for people recruited in February…

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The Student Life

A Visit To Q.I.C Leprosy Home

On 30th January, that was 2 days ago, the world observed leprosy day to increase the awareness of the Leprosy or Hansen's Disease. Leprosy happens to be one of the oldest diseases recorded in the world. So today, the Department of Microbiology, University of Uyo paid a visit to the Qua Iboe Church Leprosy Home located at Ekpene Obom in Etinan Local Government Area in Akwa Ibom State. The place as we learned was founded in 1932 and as at then,…

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My Hostel Got Robbed Last Night

I travelled home on Saturday because my dad called and was complaining that I hardly come home during the weekend. On returning to school this morning my faculty and everywhere was looking dry and I thought maybe there was a public holiday that I didn't know about. Immediately I entered my hostel, I saw some students gathering in groups and discussing, then I met one of my roommates and she was asking if I saw the policemen that drove out.…

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Oriflame’s Milk & Honey Sugar Scrub Promises To Get Rid of Dark Knuckles

If you are struggling with dark areas on your body like the knuckles, elbows and the armpits in 2018 - it's time for you to stop feeling embarrassed -  cause there is a solution for you: Oriflame's solution, in fact: Milk & Honey Gold smoothing Sugar Scrub is a luxury sugar scrub infused with organically sourced extracts of milk and honey and a natural origin exfoliant. It buffs away dead skin cells to leave skin soft, supple and wonderfully fragrant.…

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